Server Maintenance was completed!

20.10.2021, 6:24:53 PM, posted by NotReins
Hello @everyone,

Firstly we want to apologize the past 2 months of silence, we had troubles about our 2nd project.. Secondly we want to announce the ALPHA release of our server!
The ALPHA release include months of work and awesome news to the old and new players. (Check #server-fixes Discord channel to see whats new.)
ALPHA mean we are getting close to the official start of this project! But do not mean we reset any characters. this will happen soon as we reach the stable BETA.
As of this update we want to remind you to vote for us every 12/24 hours to help us grow at: .
Also we have updated the donation system now you can buy 100 Gold Coins for $8! Check here: Donation never required, but greatly appreciated, it help us maintain the server, pays the hosting and upgrade the core with new fixes.
Okay lets check what we have fixed and what not. #server-fixes Discord channel !

Regards RoS Staffs.